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/Alumni / Sesión informativa Becas AMITY 2018-19

Sesión informativa Becas AMITY 2018-19

5 octubre, 2017

El próximo 24 de octubre a las 12:30 en el Salón de Grados del Aulario la responsable de Relaciones Internacionales de la UVa informará sobre las Becas Amity para el curso 2018-19. AMITY ofrece la posibilidad de realizar un año completo de formación Práctica (Internship) en USA, una vez finalizado el grado. 


Si quieres tener una idea previa infórmate en la página del AMITY Institute

Intern Program

Internship es uno de los Programas: 

  1. Structure of InternshipUnder the supervision of a certified teacher internships are structured as follows:

    Phase 1: Intern receives basic orientation and observes class to gain understanding of how a U.S. classroom functions. The intern provides basic assistance to the teacher, interacts with students and serves as an international role model.

    Phase 2: Intern increases presence in class by actively assisting. Intern works with small groups and may be given more responsibilities including occasional lesson planning, student interaction and limited classroom management.

    Phase 3: Intern may teach prepared lessons to the entire class. Intern may take an increased leadership role in class and develops a high level understanding of teaching based on actual experience.

    Sharing language and culture is a component in all phases. Interns are not permitted to function as substitute teachers.


Assignment locations vary greatly and free room and board cannot be provided in all areas. Acceptable arrangements:

Host family – volunteer (preferred):

The host school recruits host families who offer free room and board in exchange for active involvement in family life. The participant will be responsible for any additional personal expenses.

Host family – paid:

The host school recruits host families who provide room and board for a reasonable monthly fee. This option may apply in some large cities. Unless the school pays the host directly, the participant’s stipend needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Independent living:

If a suitable host family cannot be provided the host school assists participants in finding housing prior to arrival. The participant’s stipend needs to be adjusted accordingly. The school arranges personal contacts in the community.

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